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The “Magic ball” that helps you have a fit body with only 4 minutes/day

Shaped like a ball, Monkii 360 is promoted as an effective workout tool for busy people, helping you improve endurance but only takes 4 minutes/day to practice.

At the present time, Monkii 360 is “causing fever” on the Kickstarter fund raising platform when it has raised the amount of support up to more than 900,000 USD, 16 times more than the original target that the two “founding fathers” of This product, Dan Vinson and David Hunt set out.

Monkii 360 is attracting more than 900,000 USD

By providing short, high-intensity exercises, combined with the same-name application that is easily installed on smartphones, Monkii 360 helps trainees improve fitness, regulate cardiovascular, lose weight, improve muscle area. corn core and body balance.

No need to go to the gym, all you have to do before practicing is hanging a Monkii 360 ball on the door with a bungee elastic cord. A total of 8 different bungee strings, depending on the type of exercise you are doing. Even in some exercises, the Monkii 360 is used but an extremely effective foam roller.

A total of 8 different bungee strings based on the difficulty of the exercises

If you want to add weight to the Monkii 360, you can insert 1 of 5 dumbbells inside the ball. Each weight is different and is classified according to the level and level of exercise you are performing, including 2 weights for beginners (Beginner), 2 weights for exercises higher difficulty (Intermediate) and 1 dumbbell for high difficulty exercises (Insane).

Practitioners can fit 1 of 5 different weights into the Monkii 360 to gain weight

In particular, the practitioner can store all these devices inside the Monkii 360 ball after the training is completed. This convenience helps Monkii 360 receive trust from users, can be carried anytime, anywhere without encountering any difficulties.

All tools can be stored in Monkii 360 easily

Most of the exercises with Monkii 360 are based on the “Tabata Protocol”, ie each exercise 4 minutes divided into 8 sessions, each session for 20 seconds with extreme intensity, then rest for 10 seconds and repeat. With the Monkii 360 exercises guided on the app of the same name, practitioners can reach an average intensity of 170% of maximum oxygen consumption (VO2max).













The Intel’s 360-degree Slow Technology will be applied in NBA

After Miwaukee Bucks, Dallas Mavericks, Indiana Pacers and Washington Wizards, the Atlanta Hawks became the fifth NBA team to officially invest and apply 360-degree Slow Technology.

360-degree slow technology was born with the goal of helping NHM enjoy the game with new and more realistic views. Even in December, Chicago Bulls will be the sixth name in the NBA to become a partner of Intel Technology Group in using this amazing slowing technology.

Macro Technology slows down 360 degrees

360-degree slow technology includes images recorded from 38 5K cameras mounted around the gym. These cameras work together, providing 360-degree slowdowns for video rooms right at the gym (In-game video board), TV broadcast units and even NHM mobile devices through Social networking platform.

The application of 360-degree slowing technology is now a new direction for NBA teams to stimulate more fans to buy tickets after spending a “mountain of money” on stadium upgrades and repairs. The Atlanta Hawks spent up to $ 200 million to upgrade the State Farm Arena, while the Milwaukee Bucks also burned about $ 477 million for the construction of the Fiserv Forum.

Not only brings a new experience for NHM, 360-degree slow technology also helps coaches and scouts take measures to improve the professional quality of the players.

Specifically, this technology helps professionals as well as the players themselves can study the strengths and weaknesses of their shooting position in a completely new and more effective way.

360-degree slow technology helps NBA players improve their professionalism

Instead of having only 4 angles to observe as usual, the upper 2 corners and the lower 2 corners, the player can view and review his basketball shot image at every angle. The coach can also edit the throw immediately, so that the athlete can quickly find the perfect throw shape.

Rich Green, head of Intel’s sports division, said 360-degree slow technology is just the beginning of many “super products” of technology that diversify the experience for NHM. Even in the future, the audience can watch the game from the perspective of their favorite player.