Cyber Attacks in the Future

One of the major concerns of many governments, businesses and for some in the personal sector, is the cyber attacks which have been taking place concerning data. It is creating many challenges and a serious threat.

First Challenge

The first challenge is the present one, which is to determine how this is happening, and who is behind it. Now that it has been identified, there is a rush on to gather the intelligence needed to create the solutions that will prevent it from happening in the future. But, even when a level of success has been achieved here, it will only mean that a second challenge will be created.

Second Challenge

The second challenge will be prevention, and this will be an even bigger task than the first problem. Those who are behind the cyber attacks are not going to accept a loss willingly. They are going to continue to develop new methods and algorithms, along with artificial intelligence to take the cyber attacks to the next level.

Cyber Attack Targets

In the future, it is perceived that the targets of the attacks will expand. The purposes behind them will be to gather top secret information as it pertains to the government. They will be used to tap into intellectual properties, and will most certainly be for monetary gains.


As cyber attacking becomes widespread, those behind it will need more help. They will start recruiting those who have questionable morals and are tech savvy.

A New Form of Business

Cyber attacks could become a new form of business. This could become a cyber attacker for-hire industry. New recruits could be trained to fill many different roles. Some may take up positions on the back ends. Others may be used to infiltrate businesses to make the cyber attack a quicker and easier process. The real danger lies in the advancement of technology such as artificial intelligence for example.