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To live simply, I choose the iPhone 12 mini

As a person in the direction of a simple technology life, I choose to buy the iPhone 12 mini. I did not expect anything special at the Apple event. As a minimalist, I care less about new products in the tech world or regularly upgrade equipment before being forced to.

But I’ve been using the iPhone X for 3 years, it’s time to buy a new phone. When I went online to choose a replacement device, MacRumors said that the iPhone 12 was coming, so that day I sat watching the Apple event.

As mentioned above, I did not expect anything special. It will probably look like the old iPhone line, with an improved camera, a nicer screen and a bit thinner bezels. So I was very surprised when they announced the iPhone 12 mini.

For many people, a large screen smartphone is a good thing. The huge display area makes their experience even better. But for minimalists, they are a burden.

Usually, big phones don’t fit in the pocket. Apple’s largest iPhone requires a separate pocket. I bought the iPhone X because it was the smallest phone in the lineup introduced by Apple.

Another reason is that there aren’t any smaller iPhones. Even though Apple has an iPhone SE, I worry it won’t be able to run essential apps as well as the larger versions. And when the iPhone 12 mini comes out, it solves these problems.

It’s a serious phone for serious people. The iPhone 12 mini has an edge-to-edge display, just like modern smartphones. With the camera and processor on par with the premium version. I can be confident all apps will run as smoothly as they would on a brand new device.

I should be able to fit the iPhone 12 mini into my pocket, and even stuff the keys. Without a big screen, I don’t get caught up in reading articles on the Internet or watching YouTube for hours.

Furthermore, I can use it with one hand, something my little hands usually can’t do. When I have an idea to write an article or want to call my mom, I can get it right.

Of course there are many other great features. iPhone 12 mini supports 5G network, has MagSafe technology to attach accessories. But even if one of these features is missing, I don’t care much. All I want is a small iPhone. And today, quite suddenly, it appeared.