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To live simply, I choose the iPhone 12 mini

As a person in the direction of a simple technology life, I choose to buy the iPhone 12 mini. I did not expect anything special at the Apple event. As a minimalist, I care less about new products in the tech world or regularly upgrade equipment before being forced to.

But I’ve been using the iPhone X for 3 years, it’s time to buy a new phone. When I went online to choose a replacement device, MacRumors said that the iPhone 12 was coming, so that day I sat watching the Apple event.

As mentioned above, I did not expect anything special. It will probably look like the old iPhone line, with an improved camera, a nicer screen and a bit thinner bezels. So I was very surprised when they announced the iPhone 12 mini.

For many people, a large screen smartphone is a good thing. The huge display area makes their experience even better. But for minimalists, they are a burden.

Usually, big phones don’t fit in the pocket. Apple’s largest iPhone requires a separate pocket. I bought the iPhone X because it was the smallest phone in the lineup introduced by Apple.

Another reason is that there aren’t any smaller iPhones. Even though Apple has an iPhone SE, I worry it won’t be able to run essential apps as well as the larger versions. And when the iPhone 12 mini comes out, it solves these problems.

It’s a serious phone for serious people. The iPhone 12 mini has an edge-to-edge display, just like modern smartphones. With the camera and processor on par with the premium version. I can be confident all apps will run as smoothly as they would on a brand new device.

I should be able to fit the iPhone 12 mini into my pocket, and even stuff the keys. Without a big screen, I don’t get caught up in reading articles on the Internet or watching YouTube for hours.

Furthermore, I can use it with one hand, something my little hands usually can’t do. When I have an idea to write an article or want to call my mom, I can get it right.

Of course there are many other great features. iPhone 12 mini supports 5G network, has MagSafe technology to attach accessories. But even if one of these features is missing, I don’t care much. All I want is a small iPhone. And today, quite suddenly, it appeared.

Huawei Watch Fit helps young people exercise health and express their personalities

Not only accompanying young people in the process of building healthy habits to improve fitness, the Huawei Watch Fit is also an accessory to enhance style. The trend of healthy and beautiful life is a topic that is actively discussed on social networking sites and responded by many young people. Not stopping at dieting, a healthy lifestyle is also built from habits like exercising every day.

In order to increase convenience for young people who love to move, the Huawei Watch Fit is designed as compact and slender as a bracelet. Weighing in at 21 g and 34 g with the strap attached, the Huawei Watch Fit feels light and comfortable to the wrist. Users can wear anytime, anywhere, even when carrying, moving a lot without fear of entanglement.

In addition, the Huawei Watch Fit features a 1.64-inch Amoled premium display with a 70 percent display ratio. Young people freely express their personality with 130 different backgrounds and 6 different clock faces. Users can also set wallpapers for Huawei Watch Fit to be beautiful selfies.

From basic workouts to intuitive one-to-one professional fitness workouts with a virtual trainer. You can do it anywhere, anytime without needing a smartphone or other device.

If you are a regular person to work or study, you will be prompted to move by the “Stand up reminders” feature on the Huawei Watch Fit. This action is small, but helps to protect the spine and heart. The Huawei Watch Fit is suitable for sports and wellness.

Plus, with 10 days of battery life, Huawei Watch Fit helps you keep track of your time and exercise throughout. This smartwatch also integrates fast charging technology, developed exclusively by Huawei. As a result, the watch can last all day long with 5 minutes of charge and up to 70 percent battery charge in 30 minutes.

Walmart shook hands with Microsoft to buy TikTok

Walmart confirms the company is working with Microsoft on the acquisition of ByteDance’s TikTok short video network. Walmart spokesman Randy Hargrove said he was interested in TikTok but wanted to join Microsoft on the deal. However, he declined to mention the percentage of ownership of the video app if he won the bid.

Walmart pursues the acquisition of TikTok in the context of the company looking to compete better with Amazon. Hargrove says combining e-commerce with TikTok advertising is a clear boon for creators and users.

If approved, the TikTok deal will help Walmart and Microsoft reach hundreds of millions of consumers. TikTok has also released specific user figures, of which nearly 100 million monthly active people in the US. This is an increase of nearly 800 percent compared to January 2018.

Some sources said that Walmart had negotiated with SoftBank to buy TikTok. However, this move faced the opposition of the US government. Because the systems of both do not yet have platforms to store user data, mainly cloud technology.

This is also the reason why Walmart does not buy TikTok by itself, but has to cooperate with other companies. A report later said that the US retailer also went to Alphabet (the parent company of Google) before looking to Microsoft.

With the participation of Microsoft, Walmart can be better positioned. Two years ago, the US retailer announced a five-year cloud computing contract with Microsoft. It includes Azure cloud infrastructure and Office 365 application packages.

President Trump signed an order requiring parent company ByteDance to sell Tiktok in the US before September 15, otherwise it could be banned from operating there. Earlier this week, TikTok also sued the US government for banning the video app from operating in the US.

According to CNBC, the lawsuit could help ByteDance delay the situation to have more time to negotiate for the sale. With great pressure, Kevin Mayer resigned as CEO TikTok after less than 3 months. Before that, from June 1, the former senior Disney executive joined TikTok.

Samsung officially revealed the design of the Galaxy Buds Live headset

Information about the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live wireless headset has been leaked for quite a while. But now the Korean technology company has officially revealed the introduction clip of the product.

Samsung’s new pea-shaped headset set is called the Galaxy Buds Live. They are expected to launch with the Galaxy Note 20 duo and some other products in the Unpacked event taking place on 5/8 to.

Tai nghe không dây Galaxy Buds Live vừa xuất hiện tại cơ quan FCC

Just like some rumors have been given before, Galaxy Buds Live will have additional Mystic Bronze color besides white and black. The product introduction clip is only 12 seconds long and seems like it has not revealed any more information.

Leaking expert Evan Blass has just released a series of photos of product design. In particular, the Galaxy Buds Live box is square, rounded edges with a charging center in the middle to place the headset. According to 9to5google, there’s a magnet on the charging cradle to hold and align the headphones in place.

According to some leaked information, Galaxy Buds Live will be able to eliminate noise. But since the product doesn’t have a silicone button, it’s unclear how Samsung will prevent external noise.

Galaxy Buds Live lộ thiết kế chi tiết trong hình dáng hạt đậu

The new model will have three microphones and two speakers. They was promising better call quality than the old one, though the Galaxy Buds Plus is already very good. In addition, the product may be integrated with a fitness tracking system and heart rate sensor.

Galaxy Buds Live will be equipped with Samsung IPX2 waterproof. But the maximum usage time of the product is only 6 hours, much less than Galaxy Buds Plus. However, the included charging box will help the product maintain 1 day. Galaxy Buds Live is expected to have about 140 USD, officially launched at the same time with Samsung Galaxy Note 20.

The reason why the iPhone is always more valuable than Samsung’s high-end Galaxy phones

For more than a decade now, Samsung has been constantly trying to surpass Apple, but it seems to be impossible. The phone industry really changed in 2007 when Apple introduced the first iPhone. It is this legendary “super product” that defines smartphones and changes the lives of billions of users around the world.

Apple and Samsung are still the two brands that dominate the largest market share today. Despite Apple had having the highest smartphone sales in the world for many years. Samsung’s Galaxy phones have still lost to Apple’s iPhone lineup in terms of value, profit and revenue.

Phân biệt Galaxy S8 và iPhone 7: Nghe nói Samsung hơn - iPhonerum

iPhone as a flagship product in the premium segment. Therefore, every material on iPhone is given the highest priority. Currently, the back design of the glass – stainless metal frame.

That’s as well as the dust and water resistance of iPhone 11 Pro Max is really the best on the market. They both ensure durability, while bringing beauty and sophistication.

Samsung has a wider allocation market across all price segments and reaches consumers in different markets. The Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series are highly rated by experts on the class and trend, but they are fragile, more vulnerable than the iPhone.

Apple has been producing its own A-series processors in its own technological process for many years. Although the number of manufacturing processes can be slower than Android smartphones or have less RAM. The iPhone still boasts the top-notch performance power.

That’s thanks to Apple’s excellent performance optimization capabilities, without the need for intermediaries like Samsung phones. Because of the same chip and operating system manufacturer, Apple’s iOS is considered a “private ecosystem” of iPhone users.

So sánh Galaxy Note 10+ và iPhone 11 Pro Max: "Kẻ tám lạng, người ...

They have a different interface, App Store own app store, Apple’s exclusive application also brings its own unique color and personality. In return, Samsung smartphones and many Android phones have the ability to customize the interface better. The Google Store app store is more diverse.

The advantage of iOS is the fastest update capability and long-term update support, which can be up to 5 years. This is also one of the reasons why the iPhone has a higher exchange value than other Android smartphones. That’s including high-end Samsung phones.

Why 5G Technology will change the field of strong healthcare

The advent of 5G technology will change the field of care and life changes clearly. The latest generation will bring significant improvements in the quality of care and treatment experience. That’s as well as lower costs and higher performance.

The goal of health care was not limited to finding better treatment solutions. Medical doctors also try to develop early preventive measures. 5G will make those goals a reality. Wearable technologies with built-in monitoring and processing devices continue to help patients achieve healthier and freer life.

Siêu âm: những điều cần biết | VIAM

We have not exploited well because of the limitation of 4G network. One of the biggest challenges that IoT solutions face is slow network speeds and congestion.

Doctors are trying to communicate with patients every day, and vendors are trying to, but the delay of 4G prevents many things. Wearables are required to have consistent, consistent and uninterrupted connectivity in order to survive. And 5G will push this connectivity to an unprecedented level.

At that time, you can use your web browser and play GTA V game right on the Cloud without requiring computer configuration with – Stadia.

Moreover, 5G will revolutionize data management. Technology can process large and important data sets more efficiently, allowing for the integration of information into one platform. 5G networks also have super high bandwidth, which will allow more people to transfer larger files without slowing things down.

Kiểm soát sức khỏe tim mạch bằng phương pháp Siêu âm tim -

This means the patient will have more accessible health care services. However, no one said that traditional health care would disappear because of 5G.

Although 5G technology has the potential to improve the way we provide and access health care. suppliers must also actively research to apply the fastest technology, shorten the transition time.

We will still need to solve problems very seriously and creatively. The next generation of internet connections is sure to change everything for the better.

How did Samsung make the electronics design revolution?

Although not the first technology company, but can not deny the great contribution of Samsung to the overall development of the technology world.

From the beginning until becoming one of the leading electronics corporations, with the motto of always caring to improve the user experience, its new products always bring breakthroughs and changes to meet. meet the increasing needs of users.

But it doesn’t just stop at bringing superior quality on each product, Samsung also creates breakthroughs in design innovation, contributing to bringing a new and more modern appearance to the world of technology.

With products such as Galaxy S, Galaxy Note, Samsung have set out the trends that have now become the “standard” of all phones such as large screens, infinitely curved designs, overflow. The Korean electronics company also made incredible breakthroughs when turning a TV from a household appliance into an indispensable decoration in the luxurious living room of every family.

Samsung TV Bordeaux, inspired by a glass of wine with a curved curve and a personality base, became a symbol in the design world at the time it launched, giving Samsung great success.

Not only the appearance but also the “interior” inside is also invested with modern design that optimizes space.

What’s more, with Samsung, all household appliances must become a real “work of art”. Capital is not an item that is focused on appearance because deep inside the kitchen, the refrigerators have been “enchanted” with a appearance full of modern technology. Especially the 2019 Side By Side refrigerators RS5000 is the best evidence for the design breakthroughs that make ordinary kitchen space become classy.

Keeping up with the modern pace of life, technology items must also change. Not only the experience of product quality, external design is also an important factor affecting consumers’ choices. From good smartphones to the fridge in the kitchen, Samsung has poured art into every design, making them not only household items, but also an indispensable decoration to prove. for the well-being of the owner.

Top tech news you need to know in the early weeks of November

This is top tech news for you in the early weeks of November. You should update these latest news belows to grasp the information of tech giants.

  1. Dara Khosrowshahi Uber CEO said the Saudi government made a mistake by Jamal Khashoggi’s murder, and defended to the regime his firm’s ties . Later Khosrowshahi clarified to Axios that it is reprehensible and should not be excused or forgotten by murdering Khashoggi in an email.
  2. Apple Card is facing a formal investigation over gender discrimination allegations made in a viral tweet by Wall Street regulators. David Heinemeier Hansson web programmer and author shared on Twitter that he was offered the credit limit of his wife 20 times , and they were dismissive of the issue when he confronted customer service representatives.
  3. After the nearly $400 million was burned through by SoftBank-backed company in 10 months. car-leasing firm Fair’s unconstrained growth was said its undoing by a dozen current and former employees. Insiders told Business Insider it didn’t have jobs for the startup hired people and it lost track of in inventory bought millions of dollars.
  4. Michael Bloomberg was reportedly called and asked by Jeff Bezos if he would run for president earlier this year. According to Recode, the question Bezos asked Bloomberg to build a second headquarters in New York City after the collapse of Amazon’s plans earlier this year.
  5. Facebook is currently facing allegations of ongoing discrimination and racism among its workforce. Employees have been discussing and sharing an anonymously authored blog post which quotes what it says are 12 current and former employees on their experiences and alleges racism at the company has gotten worse over the past year, Business Insider has learned.
  6. Popular streamers including King Gothalion, Ninja, and Shroud, have left Twitch Amazon’s video streaming service. This service is bleeding its most popular stars.

Apple CEO Tim Cook is requested to ‘reverse course’ in Hong Kong

A bipartisan group of US Congress members wrote a Friday letter to Apple CEO Tim Cook criticized the tech giant’s decision to remove an app used by protesters in Hong Kong from the App Store.

The letter shows that Apple’s decision last week by taking down HKMaps is deeply concerning to accommodate the Chinese government. They urge him to reverse course in the strongest terms, to stand with the brave men and women fighting for dignity and basic rights, and to demonstrate that Apple puts values above market access in Hong Kong.

According to a report from Reuters, the letter follows Cook’s Thursday meeting with China’s market regulator in Beijing and the app’s removal.

Republican Sens, along with Democratic Sen. Ron Wyden of Oregon, Tom Cotton of Arkansas, Marco Rubio of Florida, and Ted Cruz of Texas signed the letter. Another signals came from Democratic Reps. Tom Malinowski of New Jersey, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York and Republican Rep. Mike Gallagher of Wisconsin.

A mapping app from the App Store crowdsourcing the location of police and protesters in Hong Kong was removed by Apple, saying it violated the local laws and store’s guidelines. Last Thursday HKmap tweeted that it disagreed with Apple’s claim that the app endangered Hong Kong residents and law enforcement.

The protests which were initially focused on legislation allowing people arrested in Hong Kong to be transferred to and tried in mainland China have been going on since March 2019. The demonstrations have expanded to include other grievances and demands for greater democracy although extradition bill has since been withdrawn.

In a recent memo to Apple employees, Tim Cook said that national and international debates would outlive them all, and they do not govern the facts while important. Cook met with Xiao Yaqing China’s State Administration for Market Regulation on Thursday to discuss consumer-rights protection, enhancing business development and investment in the country.

Google Nest Hub Max – new feature you shouldn’t miss

Google is having The Google Nest Hub Max with some notable differences and a brand new smart display packing. It has a display sitting on a fabric-covered  which is similar to the Google Home Hub – known as the previous Google Nest Hub.

The size is one big exception. The Nest Hub Max with a 10in display looks like a large tablet, with while its predecessor has only 7in display. It has an Ambient EQ light sensor like the smaller model to adapt the display brightness to the surroundings of the room. Once again an ambient EQ light sensor is used to adapt on the environment the display’s brightness. It’s also HD and improve the overall viewing experience, allowing users to see what’s going on from a far greater variety of positions in the room.

A hand gesture detection feature is made to allow users to pause videos and do the same action again to resume it by pushing their hand in front of the camera. But in testing this feature did not detect hands all the time.

The Home app easily set up faces, each individual in the household can set their personalised information, don’t need to use their voicei by using calendar notices.

It now features a camera and physically bigger than before, but it can compete with the likes of Amazon’s Echo Show, can’t it?

Owners will make use of the full set of security features if they pay for a subscription. In doing so, while away on a smartphone, you can use the hub’s integration with Nest means as a security camera to check everything at home is fine.

Depending on how much you desire video history, a Nest Aware subscription ranges from £4 to £24 per month. It provides the ability to save clips, setting up activity zones  alerts when a person time lapses and access to 24-hour continuous recording.