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Swim and track your heart rate with FORM and POLAR technology glasses

Swim Goggles with POLAR OH1 or OH1 + technology will come on the market in November this year.

The leading technology corporation in the field of manufacturing swimming goggles, FORM, continues to deploy a cooperation relationship with health monitoring brand from Finland, POLAR.

Specifically, since November, FORM Swim Goggles with the famous augmented-reality technology will integrate with POLAR OH1 and OH1 + heart rate monitors via 1 Free software created by FORM.

Under the commitment of these two leading technology corporations in the world, this is a “masterpiece” that reaches the perfect level of accuracy and efficiency, bringing an extremely new experience to the fishermen.

Using the FORM Swim Goggles with POLAR OH1 or OH1 + technology, swimmers can track their heart rate right on the “green track”, assess the level of effort in each specific point of time that no other technology device has been able to do before.

The POLAR OH1 / OH1 + device will be mounted on the FORM Swim Goggles (user temple), using 6 optical LED sensors and proprietary algorithms to monitor and analyze heart rate. After that, the parameters analyzed by OH1 / OH1 + will be transmitted to FORM Swim Goggles, helping users to know their own heart rate.

The POLAR OH1 / OH1 + device uses 6 optical LED sensors and proprietary algorithms to monitor and analyze heart rate.

After the swimmer completes each swim, parameters such as the number of hand fans, the time to complete a lap, the swimming speed after every 100m, the calories consumed at each viewpoint will be synchronized into the FORM application.

Swim App on Android and iPhone operating systems. This will help the coaches and the athletes themselves can adjust the method, lesson plan and play effectively.

In addition to the cooperation between FORM and POLAR, 2019 also saw the introduction of quite a lot of technological equipment for swimmers, including the FORM HUD goggles, Roka’s swim / running goggles. or the heart rate monitor on Instabeat’s swim goggles.









How did Samsung make the electronics design revolution?

Although not the first technology company, but can not deny the great contribution of Samsung to the overall development of the technology world.

From the beginning until becoming one of the leading electronics corporations, with the motto of always caring to improve the user experience, its new products always bring breakthroughs and changes to meet. meet the increasing needs of users.

But it doesn’t just stop at bringing superior quality on each product, Samsung also creates breakthroughs in design innovation, contributing to bringing a new and more modern appearance to the world of technology.

With products such as Galaxy S, Galaxy Note, Samsung have set out the trends that have now become the “standard” of all phones such as large screens, infinitely curved designs, overflow. The Korean electronics company also made incredible breakthroughs when turning a TV from a household appliance into an indispensable decoration in the luxurious living room of every family.

Samsung TV Bordeaux, inspired by a glass of wine with a curved curve and a personality base, became a symbol in the design world at the time it launched, giving Samsung great success.

Not only the appearance but also the “interior” inside is also invested with modern design that optimizes space.

What’s more, with Samsung, all household appliances must become a real “work of art”. Capital is not an item that is focused on appearance because deep inside the kitchen, the refrigerators have been “enchanted” with a appearance full of modern technology. Especially the 2019 Side By Side refrigerators RS5000 is the best evidence for the design breakthroughs that make ordinary kitchen space become classy.

Keeping up with the modern pace of life, technology items must also change. Not only the experience of product quality, external design is also an important factor affecting consumers’ choices. From good smartphones to the fridge in the kitchen, Samsung has poured art into every design, making them not only household items, but also an indispensable decoration to prove. for the well-being of the owner.