Future Predictions for the Workplace

Technology has already dramatically affected the workplace in a great many industries. The fear of some is that as technology advances, it is going to create a shortage of jobs. Simply put, many tasks in the workplace will no longer need human intervention.

Changes in Graphic Design

The graphic design industry is one example of where technology has changed the workplace. At one time, to build a website, an individual had to have the technical skills and knowledge to be successful at designing it. Now, technology has allowed developers to turn this task into a “do it yourself” one. With the use of ready-made templates which have all of the coding built into it, an average person can have an impressive presence online.

While this has been a blessing for many, it has become a nemesis for the highly trained graphic designer. Some are predicting that this can be turned into a positive. Graphic designers will need to embrace this new technology, and focus on how they can add to it. They will need to become the ones who provide do it yourself web building solutions that are more advanced. Thus, putting themselves in demand for this aspect of the industry.

Remote Employment

Another prediction for the future of the workplace is an extension of what is already taking place. Many small businesses are now home-based, eliminating the need for commercial workspace. This means as these companies grow and need help, they are going to need to hire remote workers.

With all the technology which is now available for doing this, it will need to be expanded upon. This opens up doors for new forms of employment on two different levels. One for those who wish to fill the remote workers’ role. The others for developing technology for making this more efficient.

It will come down to people, in general, having to embrace new technology instead of fearing it.