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VR technology helps athletes train more effectively than usual

Training with equipment, simulation technology is not new. Before being able to experience reality, pilots or astronauts must practice hundreds, even thousands of hours with devices, simulation technology 3D, VR (Virtual Reality) or AR (Reality) Virtual enhancement). This is an extremely important factor that enables them to hone and hone their skills before “real battle”.

Today, virtual reality technology is also widely and widely used in many different fields, such as surgery or fire. It can be said that VR is really a great solution, helping students to practice their skills and flexibility before applying it to real life.

It is feasible to apply VR to sports practice plans. However, the reality shows that all these ideas are still on paper or have been tested to apply VR to practice but the results are extremely scarce.

In a recent study published in the prestigious scientific journal PLOS One called “Getting your game on: Using virtual reality to improve real table tennis skills” (roughly translated: Conquer your game: Using Technology Virtual reality to improve table tennis skills ”), a team of researchers from the University of South Australia showed the effect of training with virtual reality technology that can help athletes hone practical skills. .

VR technology has shown positive results in table tennis

Many concerns are raised as to whether the forged skills in the VR environment can be applied to reality, where the skills become much more “universal.” Besides, the training skills in VR environment still retain the speed and serenity when applied in real life.

To counter these concerns, Mr. Stefan Carlo Michalski and members of the research team opened an experiment. Accordingly, a group of amateur table tennis players wearing virtual reality devices HTC Vive installed Eleven: Table Tennis VR virtual reality software developed by Fun Labs.

The total points the player receives will be calculated from the results of each completed task, including backhand, forehand and interstitial (after a forehand stroke will be a backhand shot or vice versa. Meanwhile, another group of table tennis players will also have to go through the same challenges, but in real life.

After a period of research, Mr. Stefan and his colleagues obtained surprising results. Athletes using VR equipment (test group) performed better than the other group (control group) despite the athletes not using VR equipment also showed some improvement.





The Intel’s 360-degree Slow Technology will be applied in NBA

After Miwaukee Bucks, Dallas Mavericks, Indiana Pacers and Washington Wizards, the Atlanta Hawks became the fifth NBA team to officially invest and apply 360-degree Slow Technology.

360-degree slow technology was born with the goal of helping NHM enjoy the game with new and more realistic views. Even in December, Chicago Bulls will be the sixth name in the NBA to become a partner of Intel Technology Group in using this amazing slowing technology.

Macro Technology slows down 360 degrees

360-degree slow technology includes images recorded from 38 5K cameras mounted around the gym. These cameras work together, providing 360-degree slowdowns for video rooms right at the gym (In-game video board), TV broadcast units and even NHM mobile devices through Social networking platform.

The application of 360-degree slowing technology is now a new direction for NBA teams to stimulate more fans to buy tickets after spending a “mountain of money” on stadium upgrades and repairs. The Atlanta Hawks spent up to $ 200 million to upgrade the State Farm Arena, while the Milwaukee Bucks also burned about $ 477 million for the construction of the Fiserv Forum.

Not only brings a new experience for NHM, 360-degree slow technology also helps coaches and scouts take measures to improve the professional quality of the players.

Specifically, this technology helps professionals as well as the players themselves can study the strengths and weaknesses of their shooting position in a completely new and more effective way.

360-degree slow technology helps NBA players improve their professionalism

Instead of having only 4 angles to observe as usual, the upper 2 corners and the lower 2 corners, the player can view and review his basketball shot image at every angle. The coach can also edit the throw immediately, so that the athlete can quickly find the perfect throw shape.

Rich Green, head of Intel’s sports division, said 360-degree slow technology is just the beginning of many “super products” of technology that diversify the experience for NHM. Even in the future, the audience can watch the game from the perspective of their favorite player.









How did Samsung make the electronics design revolution?

Although not the first technology company, but can not deny the great contribution of Samsung to the overall development of the technology world.

From the beginning until becoming one of the leading electronics corporations, with the motto of always caring to improve the user experience, its new products always bring breakthroughs and changes to meet. meet the increasing needs of users.

But it doesn’t just stop at bringing superior quality on each product, Samsung also creates breakthroughs in design innovation, contributing to bringing a new and more modern appearance to the world of technology.

With products such as Galaxy S, Galaxy Note, Samsung have set out the trends that have now become the “standard” of all phones such as large screens, infinitely curved designs, overflow. The Korean electronics company also made incredible breakthroughs when turning a TV from a household appliance into an indispensable decoration in the luxurious living room of every family.

Samsung TV Bordeaux, inspired by a glass of wine with a curved curve and a personality base, became a symbol in the design world at the time it launched, giving Samsung great success.

Not only the appearance but also the “interior” inside is also invested with modern design that optimizes space.

What’s more, with Samsung, all household appliances must become a real “work of art”. Capital is not an item that is focused on appearance because deep inside the kitchen, the refrigerators have been “enchanted” with a appearance full of modern technology. Especially the 2019 Side By Side refrigerators RS5000 is the best evidence for the design breakthroughs that make ordinary kitchen space become classy.

Keeping up with the modern pace of life, technology items must also change. Not only the experience of product quality, external design is also an important factor affecting consumers’ choices. From good smartphones to the fridge in the kitchen, Samsung has poured art into every design, making them not only household items, but also an indispensable decoration to prove. for the well-being of the owner.