What is BIB? The effect of BIB technology device in marathons

When participating in a marathon, every athlete must have BIB in order to compete. So what is BIB?

In any contest, semester exam, graduation exam, university exam, … the registration number is necessary and important to confirm the candidate’s identity and recognition of contest results. For marathons, that number is bib.

In professional tournaments, to ensure fairness and accuracy, each athlete’s bib can be equipped with a positioning chip to track and measure running distance.

The effect of BIB

Before each marathon, each person will receive a separate bib, no one like whom to wear during the race. If an athlete doesn’t have a bib then the track result is not recognized. If the person who is first can not accept the award.

Bib is also used as a sign for the organizers to identify and classify the competition distance based on the color or number printed on the shirt.

For example, in a running competition, there are 5km, 21km and 42km distances. The organizers can use yellow bib only 5km distance, red only 21km distance and 42km white only distance or can also print 5K (5km), 21K (21km) and 42K (42km).

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Bib can be considered as the most important thing for an athlete when participating in marathons. In addition to bib, if you are about to participate in a running competition you should also pay attention to preparing electrolyte salts, energy gels, blistering creams, sports watches, etc.

I myself have participated in a few marathons, in general, taking this bid is quite simple and nothing complicated, when you receive you just bring the basic information that the prescribed run, usually only ID card only.

So you already know what BIB is, right? In addition, if there are other terms related to marathon that you still do not know, you can leave your comment below. I will soon have the answer article as soon as possible.