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How did Samsung make the electronics design revolution?

Although not the first technology company, but can not deny the great contribution of Samsung to the overall development of the technology world.

From the beginning until becoming one of the leading electronics corporations, with the motto of always caring to improve the user experience, its new products always bring breakthroughs and changes to meet. meet the increasing needs of users.

But it doesn’t just stop at bringing superior quality on each product, Samsung also creates breakthroughs in design innovation, contributing to bringing a new and more modern appearance to the world of technology.

With products such as Galaxy S, Galaxy Note, Samsung have set out the trends that have now become the “standard” of all phones such as large screens, infinitely curved designs, overflow. The Korean electronics company also made incredible breakthroughs when turning a TV from a household appliance into an indispensable decoration in the luxurious living room of every family.

Samsung TV Bordeaux, inspired by a glass of wine with a curved curve and a personality base, became a symbol in the design world at the time it launched, giving Samsung great success.

Not only the appearance but also the “interior” inside is also invested with modern design that optimizes space.

What’s more, with Samsung, all household appliances must become a real “work of art”. Capital is not an item that is focused on appearance because deep inside the kitchen, the refrigerators have been “enchanted” with a appearance full of modern technology. Especially the 2019 Side By Side refrigerators RS5000 is the best evidence for the design breakthroughs that make ordinary kitchen space become classy.

Keeping up with the modern pace of life, technology items must also change. Not only the experience of product quality, external design is also an important factor affecting consumers’ choices. From good smartphones to the fridge in the kitchen, Samsung has poured art into every design, making them not only household items, but also an indispensable decoration to prove. for the well-being of the owner.

Realme XT: The world’s first smartphone with a 64MP sensor

Realme, OPPO’s sub-brand on August 28, officially launched the Realme XT, the world’s first smartphone with a 64MP sensor. Realme XT is said to be a worthwhile upgrade of the camera of the Realme 5 Pro, and is a variant of its Realme X series. This is also the only smartphone launched by Realme to compete directly with the Redmi Note 8 series, specifically the Redmi Note 8 Pro also has a 64MP camera.

Regarding design, Realme XT possesses a quite luxurious and familiar design language. Like most other mid-range smartphones from Realme and OPPO, Realme XT is equipped with a water-drop design screen on the front, this screen uses AMOLED panels with Full HD + resolution and has 6.4 inch size is quite large, built-in optical fingerprint sensor below the screen.

The screen border of the device is also Realme optimized with thin bezels on both sides, while the lower edge is still a bit thick. The notch at the top edge will be where the 16MP f / 2.0 selfie camera is located. Unlike the Realme X that uses a “retract” mechanism, the Realme XT is faithful to the water-drop screen design. This is also a way to help Realme reduce product costs.

To the back, the most prominent feature on this back is a cluster of 4 cameras located vertically on the left corner, including a 64MP main camera using ISOCELL Bright GW1 sensor manufactured by Samsung, an angle camera 8MP ultra wide, a 2MP macro camera and a 2MP camra measure depth. The back is completely constructed from glass, with a layer of toughened Gorilla Glass 5 on both the front and back, helping to increase the durability of the machine. In addition, this back also has a pretty light roaming effect. There will be 2 color options for users to choose from white and pearl blue.

In terms of hardware configuration, Realme XT has quite similar specifications to the Realme 5 Pro, including a Qualcomm Snapdragon 712 chip, combined with 4GB / 6GB / 8GB RAM, 64GB to 128GB internal memory. It comes with a 4000mAh battery, supports fast charging VOOC 3.0 with a capacity of 20W.

Currently, the specific price of Realme XT has not been officially announced. The device will be sold and delivered to users in late September.